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FEMS Ambulance Availability

Starting in March 2016, the Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department (FEMS) began daily and weekly tracking of FEMS transport unit availability. FEMS transport units include Medic Units (Advanced Life Support or “ALS” units) staffed by Paramedics and EMTs and Ambulances (Basic Life Support or “BLS” units) staffed by EMTs. The chart below shows FEMS transport unit availability measured by minutes during a week. There are 1,440 minutes in a 24 hour day (24 hours X 60 minutes) and 10,080 minutes in a 7 day week (7 days X 1,440 minutes). Green is 11 or more available units. Yellow is 6 to 10 available units. Red is 5 or fewer available units. The dashed line with percentages shows the percentage of time during each week that 11 or more FEMS transport units were continuously available for responding to calls.   

FY 17 (01-A) FEMS TUA-ALL (2016-03-28- to 2016-08-15).pngFY 17 (02-A) FEMS TUA-ALL (2016-08-15- to 2016-01-02).pngFY 17 (03-A) FEMS TUA-ALL (2017-01-02- to 2017-05-22).pngFY 17 (04-A) FEMS TUA-ALL (2017-05-22- to 2017-10-09).pngFY 17 (05-A) FEMS TUA-ALL (2017-10-09- to 2018-02-26).png