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State Safety Oversight Office

The Mayor has granted the DC Fire and EMS SSOO (State Safety Oversight Office) the authority to develop, manage, and carry out Federal Transportation Administration’s (FTA’s) safety and security program requirements. The SSOO “shall require, review, approve, and monitor the safety program for the DC Streetcar.” (See DC Code: § 5-401.01 State safety oversight agency for DC Streetcar)
Pursuant to an official Order by the Mayor (Order 2012-192), the District of Columbia Fire & EMS Department (DCFEMS) is designated as the State Safety Oversight Agency (SSOA), responsible for DDOT-operated rail transit safety and security oversight.  To separate DCFEMS’ oversight function from its emergency response duties, the State Safety Oversight Office (SSOO), was created within DCFEMS. The SSOO has the sole responsibility of administering the oversight program. In accordance and compliance with 49 CFR Part 674.25, the SSOO establishes minimum standards for the safety of all rail fixed guideway public transportation systems within its oversight by adopting the standards set forth in 49 CFR Part 673 mandating that SSOA require rail transit agencies (RTA) to develop and implement a written Public Transportation Agency Safety Plan.
DCFEMS is fully certified by the Federal Transit Administration as a State Safety Oversight Agency, as are the assigned personnel and contract technical support staff.
Q:   What is the difference between SSO, SSOO, SOA and SSOA?
A:    The designated state safety oversight agency (SSOA) is the DCFEMS state safety oversight office (SSOO). The DCFEMS SSOO is the name chosen for the party responsible for safety oversight of the DC Streetcar.  
Q:   Does the SSOO staff need to be certified?
A:    The Public Transportation Safety Certification Training Rule (49 CFR Part 672) requires DCFEMS SSOO employees and contractors to complete the safety certification training program curriculum within three years of hire. DCFEMS SSOO representatives also complete refresher training every two years. The SSOO must certify compliance as part of FTA’s annual certification and compliance process. Additionally, DCFEMS SSOO personnel must also maintain minimum technical training competency in several areas. DCFEMS SSOO must also complete roadway worker protection training when necessary, at its supporting RTAs and abide by the RTA’s refresher requirements. 
Q:   Does the SSOO have industry experts working with them?
A:    Yes. DCFEMS Rail Safety Program Managers are able to deliver expert opinion regarding first responder training and emergency response. DCFEMS SSOO is also supported by an experienced team of subject matter experts and consultants with diverse backgrounds who have extensive experience in public transportation, emergency preparedness, operations and maintenance, and safety and quality assurance provided by Transportation Resource Associates (TRA) since April 2013. TRA, headquartered in Philadelphia, PA, was founded in 1990 and has over twenty years of providing safety and security solutions to its clients. Among TRA’s clients are U.S. Department of Transportation – Federal Transit Administration; Pennsylvania Department of Transportation; Texas DOT; Florida DOT; and the Los Angeles Metro System.
Q:   Who is responsible for oversight DCFEMS or State Safety Oversight Office?
A:    The State Safety Oversight Office (SSOO) housed within the DCFEMS organizational structure carries out the responsibilities of safety oversight for DC Streetcar program.  The State Safety Oversight Office is entirely independent from operational activities in the agency.