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Monday, August 1, 2022

#BeDCsBravest - Apply to Become a Firefighter/EMT


Job ID

Fire & EMS Training Academy

Full/Part Time


Date Opened

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Area of Consideration
Open to Public


Type of Appointment
Career Service - Reg Appt

Minimum Rate

Fire & Emergency Medical Svs

Training Academy

Bargaining Unit

General Job Information


"Join the brave as we strive for excellence in emergency preparedness, education and response and be part of a team of diverse, well trained, and committed first responders providing the highest quality of Fire and Emergency Medical Services to the residents and visitors to the District of Columbia."

Job Summary

This position is located in the D.C. Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department (DCFEMS) and is responsible for improving the life of residents of the District of Columbia by providing the most effective and efficient services in protecting lives and property. DCFEMS provides quality, compassionate and competent state of the art basic and advanced life support emergency medical care to the acutely ill or injured patient and provides expeditious transportation to the appropriate hospital around the clock, 365 days a year.

Duties and Responsibilities

*Firefighter/EMTs are assigned to one of approximately thirty-three (33) fire stations throughout the District of Columbia.

*Incumbent responds to known and unknown emergency calls with minimal response time.

*Upon arrival at fire location, relays fire conditions, life hazards and exposures to commanding officer.

*Examines fire structures for any signs of fire extension and determines that safest evacuation route for occupants.

*Observes and responds to changes in conditions at the fire scene.

*Removes persons from entrapments or hazardous situations.

*Incumbent makes forcible entries.

*Recognizes conditions that may lead to back-draft.

*Controls public utilities; positions aerial ladders or platforms; climbs or descends ladders, carrying hose lines and/or equipment; and makes openings for ventilation and performs overhaul operations.

*Is responsible for the operation of the hose lines and the hydrant systems.

*Operates lines from heights, rooftops, ladders and/or confined space.

*Operates fire extinguishers and portable hydraulic pumps.

*Utilizes detection instruments for gas, heat, radiation or smoke.

*Protects property from damage with salvage covers.

*Stops oil, steam, gas or water leaks and removes excess water.

*Removes debris and rubbish and, to the extent possible, restores the security of the property.

*Rescues and frees victims in tunnels, pipes, excavations, etc.

*Extricates victims from high places, elevators, electrical contacts, hazardous areas, machinery, etc.

*Examines victims and diagnoses symptoms.

*Operates first aid equipment; stops or controls bleeding; performs cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

*Treats victims of smoke inhalation, bums, heart trouble, shock, drowning and injuries.

Qualifications and Education

*Must be a U.S. citizen at the time of application. Please upload Birth Certificate or valid U.S. Passport upon application submission.

*Must have reached the age of 19 as of the date of application closing. Please upload Birth Certificate or valid U.S. Passport upon application submission.

*Must possess a valid driver's license. Please upload copy of Driver's License upon submission application.

*Must possess a High School Diploma or General Equivalency Diploma (GED) issued by a recognized Department of Education at time of application. Please upload a copy of diploma upon application submission.

*Must pass a scheduled candidate physical ability test (C-PAT). Must pass a urinalysis test for absence of substance or drug abuse.

*Must pass a thorough medical examination (including x-rays, hearing, vision, and other laboratory tests). Medical examination follows the standards of the National Fire Protection Association. Please reference for more information.

*Must pass a thorough background investigation of character and personal history (ex, prior employers, law enforcement agencies, etc.) to determine suitability for appointment as a Firefighter EMT.

License and Certifications

*Must obtain and maintain the following certifications for the duration of employment:

*Firefighter I and II, Hazardous Materials Awareness and Operations, Emergency Medical Certification-Basic (EMT-B) and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Basic Life Support Card.

*Must possess and maintain a valid Department of Health EMT (DOH) card, valid National Registry EMT (NREMT), valid American Heart Association (AHA) and Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) card.

*Must possess and maintain a valid motor vehicle driver's license.

Working Conditions/Environment

*Incumbent drives large emergency vehicles, at an increased rate of speed and often through crowded streets.

*Incumbent is responsible for operating pumps and related equipment.

*Incumbent is exposed and required to work outdoors in all weather conditions and noise levels.

*Incumbent is also exposed to irritation or discomfort from the heat, smoke, dust, gaseous fumes, water, tunnels, radiation and chemicals.

*To reduce the dangers and irritations, incumbent is required to follow prescribed safety practices and use safety protective clothing.

Other Significant Facts

*All required documents (birth certificate or valid U.S. passport, valid driver's license, and high school diploma) must be uploaded at the time of application submission to be considered for the position. If you claim any preferences, please upload the Veterans (DD214) letter, or Disability Determination Foster Child letter.

How do I add attachments?

*Once application is completed, return to the "My Job Application" then scroll to the bottom, then click on "My Cover Letters and Attachments" and upload the required documents. Please note that attachments are not specific to a job application and will be visible for any DC job that you apply for.


*All applicants that meet basic standards (U.S. citizen, 19 years of age at the time of application, high school diploma, and valid driver's license) will be referred for an entrance exam. Current residents of D.C. as proven by D.C. driver's license, will have testing paid for by the District.

*Non D.C. residents are responsible for the cost of testing ($55 for entrance exam, plus $23 for optional practice test).

*Applicants must be proficient in the use of and comprehension of the English language. Persons with foreign language skills are encouraged to apply.

*This position is deemed as an " Essential " position.

*This position is covered under D.C. Law 15-353, the Child and Youth, Safety and Health Omnibus Amendment Act of 2004, effective April 13, 2005, as amended. For that reason, this position is subjected to annual criminal background checks, traffic record checks, or both; and will be subject to random drug and alcohol testing throughout employment.

*Must pass a thorough background investigation of character and personal history (ex, prior employers, law enforcement agencies, etc.) to determine suitability for appointment as a Firefighter EMT. This position is designated as a Safety Sensitive position.

Screening dates
August 10, 2022, August 20, 2022, August 30, 2022

Tour of Duty
Rotating shifts (weekends required) the Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department is a 24-hour/7-days a week operation.

Pay plan, Series, Grade

Duration of Appointment
Career Service -Reg Appt - subject to the satisfactory completion of an eighteen-month (18-month) probationary period.

Position Designation
This position is designated as a Safety Sensitive position and is subject to mandatory pre-employment and periodic Criminal Background Checks and Traffic Records Checks (as applicable).

This position is also subject to mandatory pre-employment and random Drug and Alcohol Testing.

In this position, you may be disqualified from employment based on the presence of marijuana in test results, even if you possess a medical card authorizing the use of medical marijuana.

Vaccination Requirement
The Government of the District of Columbia values the safety of our employees, our residents, and our visitors.

In support of these values, if you are selected for this job you must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19, which includes all eligible booster shots, except when vaccination is not medically advised or violates your sincerely held religious beliefs in violation of EEO laws.

If you are invited to join our team, you must submit proof that you are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 to your initial HR representative, or you must request an exemption from your representative.

New employees must either provide proof of vaccination or be granted a medical or religious exemption before working with the Government of the District of Columbia.

EEO Statement
The District of Columbia Department is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified candidates will receive consideration without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, marital status, personal appearance, sexual orientation, family responsibilities, matriculation, physical handicap, or political affiliation.