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The District of Columbia Fire and EMS Department (DCFEMS) provides this webpage as a resource for representatives of insurance plans, benefit plans, workers compensation plans or other parties accepting ambulance transport claims to better understand the DCFEMS insurance claim process, participating provider agreements, patient unpaid balance billing, and related topics.

This page will be updated and completed prior to January 1, 2023. For all insurance plan inquiries, please call the DCFEMS third party billing service office representative at 1-202-673-3368 during normal business hours.

Please mail written correspondence excluding payments to:

DC Fire and EMS Department
Attn: Ambulance Billing
2000 14th St. NW, Suite 500
Washington, DC 20009
Please make checks payable to the DC Treasurer and mail payments to:
DC Fire and EMS Department
P.O. Box 717767
Philadelphia, PA 19171-7767