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Frequently Asked Questions About FEMS

Do I need a permit to store or use propane?

Yes. Everyone wishing to use propane for the purpose of vending, roofing, and other various practices in the open should contact the Office of the Fire Marshal at (202) 727-1600 to obtain a permit (including the use of such propane gas on National Park Service property).

What is the price of the propane permit?

The cost of the propane permit is $25 for up to 200 pounds. Example: A person wishing to use 40 pounds of propane gas must pay $25.

To whom should I speak about underground storage tanks (USTs) and aboveground storage tanks (ASTs)?

Any person wishing to obtain information pertaining to storage tanks should contact the Office of the Fire Marshal at (202) 727-1600 or the Department of Health, Environmental Health Administration at (202) 535-2500.

How many people work for the Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department?

Our agency workforce: 1,827 employees Uniformed firefighters: 1,252 Civilian personnel: 575

Why does a fire truck come when I call for an ambulance?

At times, a fire truck may respond to a call before an ambulance because the fire truck may be closer, and there are more fire trucks than ambulances. All fire trucks have at least one Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) onboard at all times and that person can begin medical assessment and treatment immediately. The firefighter/EMT will make sure the appropriate EMS unit (Ambulance or Medic Unit) is responding to your call and will continue to care for you until it arrives.

Is there a charge for an ambulance or medic unit transporting me to the hospital?

The fee is $268 for being transported to the hospital by a basic ambulance and $471 for a medic unit transport.

How do I register for a CPR class?

Take advantage of our free CPR and Automated External Defibrillator (AED) orientation classes. CPR/AED classes are offered every Tuesday at the EMS training academy. It is a four-hour "heartsaver" class, and appointments can be scheduled by calling (202) 673-3245 or 673-3247.

How can I get an engine company to come to my block party?

Call, mail, or fax requests to the Public Information Office at:
2200 14th Street, NW Suite 500
Washington, DC 20009
(202) 673-3331
Fax Number: (202) 673-3188

What fire station is closest to my house?

Call the Public Information Office: (202) 673-3331

How can I get a copy of a fire or ambulance report?

Call the Freedom of Information (FOIA) at (202) 673-3397.

How can I get a smoke detector from the Fire and Emergency Medical Services (F&EMS) Department?

Call the Fire Prevention Division at (202) 727-1614 for one free smoke detector per single family dwelling. Batteries are included.