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Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department Highlights


  • New Civilian Fleet Manager, in line with fleet assessment
  • New Civilian Assistant Fleet Manager.
  • 30 New Ambulances were purchased between July and December, 2013.
  • The fleet now contains over 60 ambulances ready every day, up from a low of 39 during the summer.
  • 6 brand new pumpers will begin delivery in April.
  • 4 aerial ladder trucks before the end of the fiscal year.


  • CoAEMSP – in house Paramedic training program scheduled to begin in the Fall of 2014.
  • Partnership with University of the District of Columbia.
  • Hiring variance has allowed Department to hire 20 new Paramedics (18 on the street, 2 in training as of March 1, 2014).

Human Resources

  • 88 new Fire Cadets.
  • 22 veterans (3 have already graduated, 19 in April).
  • New Assistant Chief of Operations.
  • Other new hires in the pipeline aimed at bolstering the Department’s EMS capabilities.


  • Completing contract to replace the ePCRs with new tablets.
  • Improved Wi-Fi connectivity with mobile hotspots on apparatus.
  • Purchased controlled medication vending machines to be stored at hospitals and major fire stations for quick supply restocking.


  • Working with OUC to continue to improve our medical priority dispatch system.
  • Medical Miranda card for MPD.
  • “Obvious Death”
  • Call Response Matrix.
  • Send the right amount of units to calls.
  • AED registry.

Performance Measures

Performance Indicator August 2014 August 2015

% of critical medical calls with first EMT arriving within 6 minutes 30 seconds dispatch to scene.

95% 86%

Average response time of first arriving EMT to critical medical calls.

3 min 51 sec

4 min 31 sec

% of critical medical calls with first Paramedic arriving within 8 minutes, dispatch to scene.



Average response time of first arriving Paramedic to critical medical calls.

5 min 04 sec

5 min 48 sec

% of critical medical calls with first ambulance arriving within 12 minutes, dispatch to scene.



Average response time of first arriving ambulance to critical medical calls.

6 min 18 sec

7 min 50 sec